EDWinXP (Electronic Design for Windows)

EDWinXP (Electronic Design for Windows) is a CAD/CAE software package that cover all stages of electronic design process, which include schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB design and layout, generation of PCB manufacturing and testing documentation. It also provides the users with several verification and validation tools to check the integrity and correctness of the schematic and PCB layout design. One can use this suite to produce PCBs of several kinds including flexible PCBs, RF boards and multi-layer PCBs.

Seamlessly integrated Platform for Schematic, simulation & PCB Design and verification.

Modules (EDWinXP)


  • Schematic Editor
  • Library Editor
  • Mixed Mode Simulator
  • EDSpice Simulator (SPICE based simulator)
  • 8051 Microcontroller Kit
  • AVR Kit
  • PIC Microcontroller Kit
  • VHDL Co-Simulation and Model Generators
  • PCB Layout Editor
  • Thermal Analyzer
  • Electromagnetic Analyzer
  • Field Analyzer
  • Signal Integrity Simulation
  • Fabrication Manager
  • 3D Editors and Viewers 

Micro-controller Co-Simulation

VHDL Co-Simulation

Thermal,  EMI & Signal Integrity Simulation

Data Sheet Literature
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