DeepEX 2015 (DeepXcav 2015) Shoring design software

Deep Excavation is totally involved in the development of powerful, user friendly, robust, high-quality, integrated deep excavation calculation and design software tools by offering multiple accepted design methods. All our software programs are aimed to serve the mankind with highest geotechnical technologies ever created. We are in constant progress, updating our achievements and providing new released of the existing products.

The ultimate software for deep excavation design with more than 10000 projects designed worldwide!

DeepEX is the ultimate software program for deep excavation design and analysis. It can perform both geotechnical and structural design for many wall types that include soldier pile walls, sheet pile walls, and diaphragm walls with multiple sections of reinforcement. DeepEX can also perform slope stability analysis with soil nailing. It comes packed with all structural and geotechnical design codes. DeepEX is an upgrade to our DeepXcav 2012 version.

DeepEX 2015 is the most recent version of our deep excavation software.  It offers an extensive range of capabilities. DeepEX accumulates a long international experience of geotechnical and structural experience in deep excavation design and software development with more than 1200 users worlwide. Engineers in the US, Signapore, Australia,  India, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, and other countries use DeepEX as their preferred tool for deep excavation design.

What does DeepEX do?

Deep excavation design: DeepXcav helps you design deep excavations by offering the most comprehensive software in the world. Many clients have performed designs within 25% of the original time required time.

Cost estimation: DeepXcav is now the only software that offers preliminary cost estimation and quantity take offs.

Slope stability: DeepXcav also performs slope stability analyses so that you do not have to export data to another package, thus saving you time.

Analysis methods: DeepXcav is the only software in its category that can analyze a wall with limit-equilibrium or elastoplastic methods. In the elastoplastic analysis, the soil is divided in active and passive non-linear soil springs. In the elastoplastic analysis, the lateral soil pressures depend on the soil properties and the proposed construction stage history.

Design standards: DeepXcav implements a wide range of US and European design standards. These include: AISC, ACI, AASHTO, BS, EC2, EC3, EC7, DIN, DM08, etc.

Frame Analysis:

DeepEX allows you to create the full frame of your deep excavation, and optimize all members within typically 5 minutes:

New features

Circular and box type walers

Improved condensed interface

Improved reports and summary stage sketches

Passive heelblock analysis for rakers

Cost estimation, with US data.

3D Frame Analysis

Axial pile capacity for slope stability

Combined king-pile-sheet pile walls

Save properties to databases


Technical Characteristics:

Integrated structural and geotechnical features.

Userfriendly graphical approach.

Design and evaluate deep excavations in minutes.

Multiple construction stages and design sections in the same model.

Powerfull options.

Sloped background wedge calculations.

Multiple support types available.

Multiple wall types available.

Great for engineers, consultants, and contractors.

Quick evaluation of many alternatives.

AASHTO LRFD 2010 Design combinations

Slope stability analysis

Soil nailing walls with French Clouterre standards incorporated.

Eurocode 2, 3, 7, 8 implemented.

ACI 318-08, ASD 9th, LRFD

Multiple wall beams can be activated at any stage.

Irregular ground layers

Geotechnical capacity calculations for ground anchors.

Extensive verification examples.

Cofferdam walls and bin type walls with different assumptions.

Detailed summary reports in word and pdf.

Copy - Export to Excel + More


Training Material

Please visit TRAINING for the extended library of tutorial, manuals, videos.

10 Reasons to choose deepEX

1. One program solves both geotechnical and structural issues!

2. Interactive game like environment!

3. US, AASHTO, EC7, BS, ITA, DIN + more standards!

4. Extensive verification and documentation library!

5. Extensive range of wall types!

6. Archived databases of structural sections!

7. Non-linear and limit-equilibrium analysis methods!

8. Developed by engineers for engineers!

9. Open-box philosophy: most calculations open for review!

10. Permanent annual support for expert engineers!

in the words of our clients:

DeepXcav gives us a competitive advantage!

We have been waiting for a program like this for 25 years!


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