Professional PCB Inspection Trinocular DigitalMicroscope

Key Features:

  • TRUE Trinocular stereo zoom microscope system, view on eye pieces and HD camera at the same time
  • 1080p HD camera real time viewing on LCD
  • Capture image to micro SD without a computer
  • Measurement software included for PC when connected with USB
  • Microscopes zoom expandable 2x to 270x with eye pieces and objective lenses
  • 45º angle eye piece and 360º rotation on microscope body for ergonomic inspection
  • Parfocal zoom for easy operation and focusing
  • Vivid, detailed, high resolution image quality
  • Great depth of field, wide visual field, and stereoscopic view for easy inspection and less eye fatigues
  • LED ring light with intensity control standard
  • Fiber optic lighting, back lighting, and dual goose neck LED spot lights available
  • Mount on post stand, track stand, boom stand and articulating arm stand


  • Day-to-day inspection for electronic manufacturing, small medical devices, research & development, QC, industrial in general
  • Capturing images and video for documentation with camera attached
  • Non-Contact Measurement of critical dimensions
  • Medical device
  • Surface mount technology, soldering rework, training, PCB soldering inspection
  • Wire harnass
  • Material & metal
  • R & D



Microscope Body Trinocular

Camera Full HD

Magnification Optical Zoom 60X Or more

Optional Video Coupliers Yes Included

Optional Zoom Required Yes Included

Working distance 30mm-285mm

Optional eye pieces Required Yes Included

LCD Monitor 24 inch external Yes Included

PC Interface Module with Software Yes Included

Field of view 1mm – 100mm or more with optional lenses

Video output for external LCD/Plasma TV Yes Included

Light source for PCB Yes Included

Optional Auxiliary Lenses Yes Included

Eye tube inclination 45 and 60 20 Rota table microscope head


Make in INDIA , Nuline Make Bangalore

Data Sheet Literature
PCB InspectionTrinocular Scope.pdf
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