PCB Inspection - Nuline Videoscope

The PCB Industry continues to adopt increasingly higher levels of integration and thus achieving greater components density. As a consequence, the tolerance on PCB assembly is reduced and keeps becom-ing tighter and tighter. This results in an increased need for reliable and accurate visual inspection of PCBs.


On our basic product, Nuline Videoscope is a monocular continuous zooming optical inspection system, with a high definition color CCD Camera and TV system together. Having a long working distance and a wide field of view, very fine definition output is provided. An added advantage over the stereo-microscope is minimal eye-strain where faster and simpler inspection process is the requirement.

Nuline Videoscope is a high performance microscope based Inspection system with Vertical and 45 Deg slant (3D) viewing of objects. Its CCD/APS sensor and LCD/TFT capable of 7X to 70X of magnification. This system can be used for visual inspection of electronic components like ASICs. ICs, Transistors, Diodes and Bio medical components, Lens, jewelry and many more….


The microscope will give clear, distortion free, true color images on the integrated LCD-TFT monitor. The system includes a high resolution camera to capture the magnified image of the object. The image can be captured on a computer with USB interface option.


It Includes:

Power Supply 230 V/50Hz

Built-in SMPS Power supply

High resolution CCD Camera

LCD Display Monitor

Variable intensity LED Light

Fluorescent/ LED Ring Light (Optional)

USB Interface (Optional)

X-Y Table (Optional) 

Data Sheet Literature
Nuline Videoscope Datasheet.pdf
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