SV2 Professional - Desktop 4 Layer PCB machine With Pick and Place and Reflow soldering Capabilities

SV2 from BotFactory brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your desktop.SV2 circuit printers allows you to prototype in minutes instead of weeks, all at the click of a button, from a bare substrate to a fully assembled and functional circuit board in a matter of minutes.


Each PCB Printer includes an inkjet printhead that can dispense very fine droplets of conductive ink and insulating ink, allowing you to create multilayered rigid and flexible circuits on FR-4, Kapton or any substrate of your choice.



In addition, each printer has two heads for dispensing glues and solder pastes, and another to pick-and-place components, allowing you to assemble PCBs right at your desktop.

Every year, millions of Electrical Engineers, Academics, Students and Hobbyists spend billions of dollars creating Printed Circuit Boards yet suffer long waiting times for their design to be fabricated. We took it upon ourselves to bring PCB prototyping tools closer to the designer, creating a product that integrates all the steps of PCB fabrication into a compact, intuitive package. Building upon the maturation of conductive nano particle inks and image recognition technology.


SV2 delivers a solution at several magnitudes of cost lower than in-line manufacturing equipment, heralding one of the rare moments where the rules of manufacturing and innovation are up-ended by miniaturization.

It uses three interchangeable heads to inkjet print conductive and insulating ink, extrude dots of conductive glue or solder paste, and pick-and-place electronic components, rotating parts and correcting misalignment using computer vision.



The BotFactory SV2 has an onboard computer running a web browser-based software, compatible with any platform - no installation required. It provides an intuitive experience, guiding the user through the different steps with illustrations and animations.


We stand behind our product and actively improve the software of the BotFactory SV2 to better utilize the hardware. The BotFactory SV2 makes updates automatically available from our servers whenever it is connected to the internet.





Print Capability

Trace Width

8 mil [200 microns]

Pin Pitch

16 mil [0.4 mm]



Print Technology

Thermal Inkjet Printing

Number of Inkjet Nozzles


Ink Types (curing method)

Conductive (heat), Insulating (UV)

Min. Trace Width

8 mils [200 microns]

Min. Pin Pitch

16 mil [400 microns]

Min. Via Dimension

Diameter: 25 mil [600 microns]

Drill Size: 15 mil [400 microns]

Printable Area

4.6" x 6" [117 x 152 mm] [X/Y]

Conductive Ink Sheet Resistance

40 mOhms/square

Number of Layers


Supported Formats

GERBER RS-274X, . jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp

Dispensing Capability

Paste Technology

Syringe Extrusion

Paste Types

Conductive Epoxy and Solder Paste

Extruded Dot Size

8 mils [200 microns]

Curing Method


Supported Formats

GERBER RS-274X, . jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp

Pick-and-Place Capability

PNP Technology

Vacuum Pickup, Computer Vision, Automatic Tip Swap


5 MP, Upward Facing

Tray: Types

Tape, Individual components

Tape Tray: Number of Slots x Tape Width

6 x 8mm tapes, 2 x 12mm, 1 x 16mm Cut Tapes

Tray: Parts loaded

Max. 42 per batch

Min. Part Size

0603 [1608 Metric]

Max. Part Size

0.78” x 0.78” [20 x 20 mm]

Supported Formats

Centroid file (text file describing Reference Designator, Footprint, X/Y location, and Rotation).

General Specifications

Max. Substrate Size

6" x 6" [152 x 152 mm] [X/Y]

Max. Circuit Size

4.6" x 6" [117 x 152 mm] [X/Y]

Heads: Weight

Less than 1.1 lbs [500g] per head

XYZ Positioning Repeatability

± 2.76 mil [70 microns]

XYZ Positioning Resolution

0.39 mil [10 microns]

Enclosure: Size

24.8” L x 17” W x 18” H [63 x 43 x 46 cm]

Unit: Total Weight

37 kg


DC 24V 22A


Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Software Installation

Software runs on-board

System Requirements

Web browser (Platform-independent)

Recommended Browser

Firefox, Chrome

Offline Updates

Available on demand (USB3.0)

Ambient: Operating Temperature

50-100F [10-40] 

Heat Bed: Operating Temperature

75-300F [25-150]

Heat Bed: Max Temperature

340F [170]



Video Demo

SV2-Professional PCB Printer Datasheet.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 10.9 MB