Product Line Card

Mipec The world of PCB prototyping

  • Reduce Fabrication of your PCB Prototypes from weeks to just a few hours
  • Suitable for double sided PCB's and Antenna Prototyping
  • 12 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • HF spindle motor (60,000 RPM) 
  • Ultra fine resolution (1um)
  • Cabinet for safe and quiet operation
  • Professional Software TrackMaker is an integrated CAM and machine controll package for importing and editing Gerber and excelon data, tool path generation and PCB processing on Machine 

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Vectra CNC

Make in india, Vectra CNC is an affordable PCB CNC Machine

IDS NanoJet

IDS NanoJet printer is an Aerosol based desktop printing solution for printed electronics applications, with Line widths as small as 20 microns on substrates such as polyimide, FR4, glass, and silicon. 


Factory In Tool for 3D Electronics and Bio Printing



Empire XPU