BoardWalker 9627 is designed as a affordable Digital, Analog & Mixed Signal Functional test System, to carter the needs of PCB test and repairs depots, keeping in mind the changing PCB Technology & the challenges in testing them. It can effectively test Digital, Analog and Mixed technology IC’s in In-Circuit, as wired condition and gives clear PASS-FAIL results. Hybrids, ASICs and house-coded

ICs can be checked using QSM signature method.

It is a combinational mixed signal test system with the addition of Integrated Boundary Scan test for the latest generation chips. It also Incorporates an advanced QSM VI with auto “Best Fit Curve” algorithm to enhance the fault coverage. Optional IDTE Software makes new device test program generation easy with graphical user interface.


Key Features:

  • In-Circuit Functional Test Library (Digital/ Analog/ Mixed Signal) of >35K devices
  • QSMVI Signature method for testing ASICs / Hybrids & Discrete
  • Test logic families : TTL / CMOS / ECL / EIA / LSI / Linear / Memory & more
  • In-Circuit IC identify feature for house coded ICs and Ics with their number erased
  • Automatic internal pull – up/pull – down for open collector & open emitter devices
  • Functional testing can be done without need for learning from known good board or circuit diagram, using Digital Simulators and Analog evaluation software.
  • On-line simulation make accurate testing of sequential devices possible even when their Reset pins are disable in In-Circuit conditions.
  • Unique “Best-Fit-Curve” algorithm enhances the fault coverage.
  • Board Learn / Compare mode increases board recovery rate.
  • Built-in Resistance, Capacitance & Voltage measurement capability.
  • Powerful logic waveform display window for failure confirmation.
  • Circuit Tracer for schematic generation / reverse engineering applications (Optional)
  • IDTE Software for easy Device Test Program Generation (Optional)
  • Russian Device Library (Optional)


Software Features:


ICFT (In Circuit Functional Tester)

•In-Circuit Test utilizes 33 k+ Device Library already present in the system.

•Uses IEEE Std VHDL Based Test Language for Model Creation.

•Ability  to test LSI / VLSI devices in-circuit.


Test Station Result Presentation

Measurement Functions and Utilities

BoardWalker Datasheet.pdf
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