superpro 6100

Product Description:

SuperPro 6100 is a cost-effective, reliable, and high-speed universal chip programmer. It is designed to communicate using USB 2.0 port for development requirement and can also work in standalone mode (without connecting to a PC) for production requirement. It has the largest device support count in the programming industry with 144 pin drivers to support high pin count chips. Application and target customers: Programming houses, electronic repair, car repair shops, forensic and data recovery companies, medical devices, requirement for larger device support.



  • SuperPro 6100 supports 99,900+ IC devices from 371 manufacturers and continuing.  30% faster programming speed compared to SuperPro 5000 with ARM9 MCI-J Processor.
  • Supports eMMC 1 NAND files up to 256 GB.
  • Improved universal 144 pin-driver technology provides a cleaner signal, wider voltage range and more accurate clock frequency.
  • Two operating modes: o PC mode via USB 2.0 port and PC communication. o Stand-Alone mode (no PC required).
  • Cluster 1-15 units for volume production.  Supports VCC from 1.2V to 5V.  In-circuit programming capability available via ISP/ICP adaptor. Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms are used for high reliability. VCC verification at (+5% - 5%) enhances programming reliability.
  • Free user requested device updates 
SP6100 Specs.pdf
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