Circuit Wizard CW409

Product Description

CW 409 –Circuit Wizard PCB Test System has all the features of QT9627 such as :Desktop PCB Test System. It can be configured to maximum 64 Channels of In-circuit Functional Test Channels and 64 Channels of QSM V-I Signature Test. Maximum Digital Test Speed 10MHz in the QT9627 .It can be connected to any PC/AT or Laptop with Windows 10 operating system through USB Plug and play interface. It operates on user friendly Qmax Test Director software platform with different modes like Test Station for operator level use Test Sequencer mode for Programmer level use and Interactive Workstation mode for quick working. Comes with Standard accessories for testing DIP Packages and Sharp needle Probes for SMD components and discrete components probing, SMD-SOIC ICs can be tested using optional SMD test clip. Additionally the CW409 comes with in-built Digital Scope up to 200MHz , 5 and ½ Digit Digital Millimeter , PCB Shorts Locator and 36V /6V Programmable Power Supplies which makes it a complete test station by itself.




  • The system is complete with in-built instruments like DMM, Oscilloscope, Short Locator & Programmable Power Supply
  • In-Circuit Functional Test Library (Digital /Analog / Mixed Signal) of >35K devices with Russian Device Library as optional
  • QSM VI Signature method for testing ASICs /Hybrids & Discretes.
  • Test logic families : TTL / CMOS/ ECL/ EIA/LSI/ Linear/ Memory & more
  • In-Circuit IC identify feature for house coded ICs and ICs with their number erased.
  • Automatic internal pull-up / pull-down for open collector & open emitter devices
  • Functional testing can be done without need for learning from known good board or circuit diagram, using Digital Simulators& Analog evaluation software.
  • On-Line Simulation makes accurate testing of sequential devices possible even when their Reset pins are disabled in In-Circuit conditions
  • Unique “Best-Fit-Curve” algorithm enhances the fault coverage
  • Board Learn / Compare mode increases board recovery rate
  • Built-in Resistance, Capacitance & Voltage measurement capability
  • Powerful logic waveform display window for failure confirmation
  • Circuit Tracer for schematic generation /reverse engineering applications (optional)
  • IDTE Software for easy Device Test Program Generation (optional)
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