SMT Rework station

Product Description:

This rework system is designed to remove most SMT components like QFPs, SOPs, PLCCs SOJs, PGAs, BGAs, Connectors and other chips. It does not require any special nozzles or additional accessories. Built in timer to prevent overheating of board and component. The hot air nozzle has an adjustable motion range of up to 50mm per axis.



  • Can handle most SMT parts of up to 50mm square without requiring different nozzles.
  • Can remove SMT connectors by setting a single axis motion.
  • The built in timer enables to prevent damage of PCB and near by parts caused by over heating.
  • Anybody can use this system without difficulty doe to the simplified programming.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Low cost, highly efficient.
  • Can rework the micro components like 0603
SMT Rework Station SD3000II.pdf
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