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LabsLand connects schools and universities with real laboratories available somewhere else on the Internet. A real laboratory can be a small arduino-powered robot in Spain, a kinematics setup in Brazil or a radioactivity testing lab in Australia. They are real laboratories, not simulations: the laboratories are physically there, and students from these schools and universities access them.

Real laboratories, on the Internet

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Educational remote labs are real                         LabsLand offers different top-quality                 As a school or university teacher, you can have 

that can be controlled over the                             laboratories from different providers                 your own, custom, institutional space. Manage 

internet through a computer,                                 across the globe, for many educational             your students, see the labs they used, put the

mobile device, or tablet without                            levels and subjects.                                               labs into your learning management system. 

installing anything. 


FPGA Laboratory

Learn Hardware design with real FPGAs!


In this laboratory, you can learn how to program using two Hardware Design Languages: VHDL or Verilog, and test your code in one of our multiple boards available. Every FPGA has a set of components already place, such as 10 LEDs, 6 7-segment displays or multiple clocks. In addition, you will have access to 10 virtual switches and 4 virtual buttons that you can use in your design and that you will see when interacting with the real hardware.

Whenever you synthesize your code, you will be assigned to a particular board (such as Terasic DE2-115 or Terasic DE1-SoC or others), and you will be able to send your code to one of the available boards and to turn on and off the switches or press the buttons and see how your design behaves. The boards are located in different universities, as you will see when using each board.

In this laboratory, you do not need any software or hardware installed in your computer, tablet or phone.

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Arduino robot (Code)


Arduino Robot laboratory lets you carry out experiments with a real robot. Define the robot's logic through programming the Arduino directly, and then upload your program into the robot to see its behaviour through a web camera. You can make your robot avoid obstacles, compete in line-following races, find your exit out of a maze and even (coming soon) fight against other robot. If you prefer to use a scratch-like visual programming language, try our arduino visual robot laboratory!









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Remote laboratory for experimenting with the laws and principles that define analogic electronics: Ohm's Law, Kirchoff, maximum potency transmission, components characterisation, etc. Through this laboratory you will be able to create real electronics circuits using the typical components: resistors, capacitors, diodes... and to check their behaviour using real instruments such as the function generator, the oscilloscope, power sources or multimeters. For this, you will be able to rely on an advanced graphical interface which will allow you to use the laboratory through the Internet, in the same way you would use a hands-on laboratory.







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