Empire XPU Roadshow - Event Agenda

Trainer :   Dr. Andreas wien    (IMST GmbH, Germany - Developer of EMPIRE XPU)


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1. Introduction to FDTD method                                                   90 Minutes

    Discretization of Maxwells equations

    Memory usage and simulation time

    Convergence and accuracy

    Far field transformation


2. Simulation speed acceleration and Empire unique features            90 Minutes     

    Thin sheet model and conformal meshing

    Ports, plane Waves, waveguides and field source

    Parameter sweep and optimization

    XPU acceleration technology

    Cluster computing


3. Design examples                                                                       90 Minutes

    RF circuits and components (MEMS, Packages, Filters, PA)

    Antennas (Patch, Arrays, Reflector, Mobile, Automotive)

    EMC including body models (Dosimetry, Wireless power transfer) 


4. Live demonstration of model setup and simulation with Empire     90 Minutes


5. Questions & discussion                                                               30 Minutes


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