Mipec - Rapid PCB & Antenna prototyping

With a MIPEC PCB prototyping solutions, you can produce PCBs in your own lab – fast, environmentally friendly, and with high accuracy. It is no more necessary to wait days or weeks for your boards to be delivered from your external suppliers. With MIPEC prototyping method , you can proceed directly from the design phase to the implementation and testing of your design in the shortest possible period. If any design error is discovered, a new PCB can be produced almost immadiately and you can run your tests again.


MIPEC's prototyping solutions have numerous advantages:

  • You will reduce fabrication of your PCB prototypes from weeks to just a few hours,
  • You are absolutely independent from external PCB suppliers,
  • Your flexibility will increase enormly,
  • You will reduce your time to market, 
  • Your design stays inside the company for increased security.

PCB milling machine 4MILL300ATC  

We proudly present our multipurpose machine with automatic tool change system for PCB prototyping, front panel making and 3D modeling. Make your double-sided PCB’s in minutes using 4MILL. Thanks to its hi-precision leadscrews and 60K HF spindle motor we can handle standard PCB designs, SMD, RF and various other applications. Do you need to drill holes from 0.2mm and/or tracks and insulation paths from 0.1mm? 4MILL is the machine for you!     The new generation software for PCB prototyping is included: With professional machine comes professional software! TrackMaker, packed with features for quick

Model : 4MILL300ATC

(Single and double sided PCB Milling, drilling and Engraving  RF Antenna Design System)



Max. Working area:

240 x 180 x 30mm (Z)

Max. PCB Size

200 x 140 mm

Milling spindle:

High Speed spindle 60000 RPM, software controlled brushless motor with pneumatic clamp


1 μm


± 0.005 mm


12 positions Automatic


1/8 Inch (3.175mm)

Milling depth adjustment:

μm precise depth adjustment

Drilling speed:

120 Drills/min

Travel speed X/Y:


Machine Table:

Flat milled aluminium table with center T-Slot

X/Y/Z drives:

hybride motors

Isolation & Track Width

Upto 0.1mm (4 mil)

Z Depth Regulation:

Micrometer depth regulation to fabricate antenna

Minimum track size

0.1 mm (4 mil)

Minimum gap size

0.1 mm (4 mil)

Tool Length Detect & Surface Detect

Auto with floating head technology for surface irregularity detection

Machine table:

flat milled aluminium table with central T-slot

Interface to PC


OS compatibility

Windows 10 and latest


W-420 x D-455 x H-435mm



Power supply:

110/230V, 50-60Hz


TrackMaker integrated software for machine control and cam operation it can import Gerber D&X, Excellon, ODB++, DXF etc

License Type: Perpetual USB Dongle based


CAD/CAM packages will be supplied to test Single sided PCB, double sided PCB and antenna prototyping

Dust Extractor (Vaccum system)

Yes Included with software controlled automatic on/off switching with spindle motor. It has HEPA Filter 0.4kW single phase motor with tank capacity of 2 Litres

Acoustic cabinet

Yes Included


Gerber D & X, Excellon, ODB++, DXF, HPGL and more

Air compressor for ATC

Yes Included


Antenna Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping, Teaching, Student Project, PCB Engraving/Milling, model making, Technology Research and more

Material Supported

FR4, Copper Clad, Acrylic etc.


Machine is delivered together with full license of Trackmaker software and powerful set of

tools consisting from:


Universal cutter for 0,2 - 0,5mm paths 10pcs

Contour router 1mm 2pcs

Contour router 2mm 2pcs

End mill 1mm 2pcs

End mill 2mm 2pcs

Drill bit 0,6mm 5pcs

Drill bit 0,7mm 5pcs

Drill bit 0,8mm 5pcs

Drill bit 0,9mm 5pcs

Drill bit 1mm 5pcs

Drill bit 1,3mm 2pcs

Drill bit 1,5mm 2pcs

Drill bit 2mm 1pcs

Drill bit 3mm 2pcs

Copper plates FR4, format A5, 2 sided 10pcs

Copper plates FR4, format A5, 1 sided 10pcs

Drill underlay material, format A5 10pcs

Metal wool cleaning pads 10pcs

Sticky tape 1pcs

Data Sheet Literature
MIPEC4MILL300ATC Datasheet.pdf
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