SMD Component Pick and Place Machine

The unit is a manual pick & place system for the accurate and precise placement of surface mount electronic components onto a PCB circuit board. The machine is packed with convenient features to maximize prototyping and small run throughput, while minimizing operator strain and the occurrence of defects.



Prior to placement of the surface mount components the pads of the circuit board require solder paste to have being applied. Customarily, the Solderpaste is stencil printed using a SMT stencil printer; alternatively there is an optional solderpaste/Glue dispenser available for this machine as an optional extra.



Once components have been placed, the PCB assembly requires ‘reflow’ in an appropriate reflow oven to complete the fabrication cycle.


This unit can accommodate PCB panels of up to 380mm x 295mm (15″ x 11.6″) with a working area of up to 380mm x 250mm (15″ x 9.8″)


The unit is a hand-operated SMT Assembly Manipulator with video, new manual system for the placement of SMT-components. It is a perfect ergonomic station including a lot of functions. Slight arm movement in the X and Y axis allows comfortable selection of components and their accurate placement all over the workpiece.



Place a component with the head on the Z axis.  The components can also easily be rotated through 360°. A HD camera is located near the vacuum pipette and connected to a HD monitor helps the operator, for the accurate placement of fine-pitch components.  There is also a small but powerful light source and vacuum switch integrated into the placement head. The solid reliable construction provides a better grip for the operator with a large working area of 380 x 295mm.



Perfect ergonomics Very efficient working area of 380x295mm


Placement made easier by an optional Full HD camera connected to a 15″ (40cm) TFT LCD monitor


0201, QFN etc Package Placement accuracy Vacuum pump with a selection of syringes Arm support assures a comfortable position for operator Sensitive placement head with 360° rotation of pipette and integrated vacuum switch Efficient lighting built into the arm Optional Feeders ensure the machine is suitable for taped or reeled components Vacuum pump delivered as standard 3 PCB Board supports <70dB(A) Sound level 230V at 50/60Hz Electrical supply




Manipulator Dimensions (L/W/H)

790 x 390 x 170 mm

Max. size with feeders

1140 x 650 mm

Arm movement in x / y / z axes

470 x 230 x 15 mm

Working area max

380 x 250 mm

Head power supply

230V AC50Hz Adapter 12 V, 800 mA

Vacuum pump

230 VAC, 6 W

Video camera

Viewing angle: 78 °

CCD sensor

1/4 “- 8 M pixels

Video resolution

1080p 30FPS – Full HD


Display dimensions

15.6 “(40 cm) widescreen 16: 9


1366 x 768 pixels

Dimensions with stand

378 x 281 x 189 mm




Please note the standard unit is supplied as a complete working system with Placement station comprises colour camera, TFT monitor, vacuum pump 2 x needles and suction cups and 3x PCB holders.  No feeders are supplied these must be purchased seperately.


SMD Pick and Place Machine Datsheet
MIPEC SMT Pick and place.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 819.5 KB