Trinocular Simul Focal Stereo Microscope with Digital Camera


        Product Highlights:


  • Double arm simul focal stereo microscope with magnification 7X to 45X
  • 14.0 MP HDMI USB microscope camera
  •  56 led brightness adjustable ring light
  • 8 inch HDMI lCD display and rods


Visual + Video Dual Purpose

It can be observed directly by the naked eye. The magnification is 7-45 multiple and it can be adjusted continuously. It can be connected to a computer monitor or host, and the electronic magnification is 80-120 Multiple continuously adjustable One machine dual purpose, visual + electronic Video, convenient and convenient use.


Large Eyepiece

The field of view 200mm, high eye design observation head 45 degrees tilt, convenient and comfortable operation, long time use, no dizzy.


Focusing Handwheel

The Zoom handwheel is adjustable, and the lift range is 50mm. and can lift up and down, make the operation more handy.


Slope Type Base

The slope shaped pedestal is more comfortable and convenient to operate, and its appearance is simple and generous. White objects, transparent, translucent or opaque objects can be observed.


Telescopic Support

Long rod support can be telescopic, lengthened or shortened at will, large and small objects can be observed and more convenient.


Microscope VGA Camera

14mp HDMI+USB Camera HD display. Sensitive reaction. It can be used for mobile phone repair, watching insects, watching jewelry, etc. Need to be used with the display screen support photo, video, measurement, storage, 60 frames at high speed without tow shadow

Fully Assembled Unit

Trinocular Stereo Microscope With Digita
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