Satellite Communication Lab - SCT06

The Amitec Satellite Communication Training Lab SCT06 is a highly configurable and adaptable training and research and development system optimized to implement modern communication technologies. The complete system consists of Earth Station Transmitting Emulator, Earth Station Receiving Emulator and Satellite Emulator. All three sub-systems consist of Software Programmable Hardware transceiver which allows limitless satellite communication laboratory experiments to be performed on a single setup. Implement existing satellite communication standards using real-world modulation schemes and parameters. Software programmability of the system allows
it to be upgraded, making it obsolesce-proof.

Study and implement a wide range of communication concepts such as various modulation schemes, including NBFM, WBFM, DBPSK, DQPSK, QAM and custom modulation, packetisation, whitening, scrambling, differential encoding, error correction coding schemes and channel models. Study real-time performance and measurement of parameters such as link budget, packet error rate and other concepts. Learn the use and implementation of telemetry signals.

Observe and measure the effect of different antennas and study the characteristics. The entry barrier is lowered to include the under graduate students by providing a graphical programming environment. The burden on faculty is lowered by using courseware designed
at Amitec from simple FM to most complex Modulation techniques. The systems offer high bandwidth and dynamic range.
Study Orbital mechanics with a license-free tool. Configure various orbits, launch sites and parameters to implement a realworld
system and adapt the system in real-time.

• Learn the next generation of Satellite Communication technology with modular approach and complete flexibility in design and operation
• Based on latest generation of Software Defined Radio technology with complete control over frequency, modulation schemes and system design
• Emulate the functionality and characteristics of Earth Station Transmitter, Satellite Repeater and Earth Station Receiver
• Implement complete signal processing chain for transmission and reception of any kind of data such as voice, video, image, file, text messages or any other custom data
• Complete control over telemetry link
• Design any analog or digital modulation scheme for implementing data and telemetry links
• Use modern signal processing algorithms and observe the effect in real-time
• Modular system allows use of channel coding and error correction coding schemes
• Flexibility in inserting various real-world parameters such as noise, delay and effect of channel
• Implement complete end-to-end system using various Digital Video Broadcasting technologies and mimic a real satellite system
• Emulate GPS transmission and Reception by transmitting custom GPS data and decoding at receiver
• Control Satellite and its various parameters
• Test remote fault insertion, diagnostics and measure parameters such as Packet Error Rate (PER)
• Study link characteristics and Performance

Satellite Communication Lab Datasheet
SCT06 Satellite Communication Training L
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