Software Defined Radio - SDR -06

The Amitec SDR-LAB is a software programmable hardware transceiver which allows limitless communication laboratory experiments to be performed on a single device. The entry barrier is lowered to include the under graduate students by providing a graphical programming environment. The burden on faculty is lowered by using courseware designed at IITD from simple FM to most complex MIMO. Lab technicians are eased by integrated hardware and software from same source for trouble free performance.

The system is ideally suited for applications requiring high RF performance and great bandwidth such as physical layer prototyping, dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio, spectrum monitoring and even networked sensor deployment. The Superspeed USB 3.0 interface at 5Gbps serves as the connection between the SDR-LAB and the mobile workstation. This enables the user to realize 60 MS/s of real-time bandwidth in the receive and transmit directions, simultaneously (full duplex). FPGA is autoloading so hardware is plug and play as a pen drive! No need to program the FPGA for most cases!

The systems offer MIMO capability with high bandwidth and dynamic range. Two units may be connected to realize a complete 2x2 MIMO configuration. External PPS and reference inputs can also be used to create larger multi-channel systems. ASIC houses complete RF and DAQ subsystems on a single board. Coupled with these benefits it hosts onboard RF Transceiver subsystems capable of tuning frequencies from 70MHz to 6GHz.


• Courseware designed at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi• Learn next generation communication & convergence technologies (Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio including white spaces, Cooperative Communication, Communication over  Cellular Network, Femto Cell, Wireless Network, Mobile Adhoc Network, Research in4G/5G)
• Works with Linux GnuRadio, Compatible to MATLAB Simulink™ but does not need one!
• Open-licensing of experimentation and study material with No recurring cost!
• Latest generation of ASIC architecture with integrated LNA, PA system for communication, RX/TX Mixers, PLL, Synthesizers, RX/TX Filters, RX Gain control, TX power control
• Frequency Range: 70 MHz to 6 GHz
• Transmit Power of >10dBm and Receiver Sensitivity of - 120dBm
• FPGA based transmit and receive architecture for superior performance
• Differential baseband signals
• Transmit Modulation Bandwidth programmable to 60 MHz
• Receiver Modulation Bandwidth programmable to 60 MHz
• Support for TDD and FDD configuration
• Highly stable +/- 250 ppb TCXO
• Up to 5GbpS/s USB 3.0 Data Streaming to Computer

. MIMO Capability – 2X2
• Dual-Channel Transmitter and Dual-Channel Receiver
• Multiplexing Configuration: 1X1, 1X2, 2X1, 2X2 MIMO

. Expandable to 64X64 MIMO
• Support for 4G LTE advanced waveform and protocol

. Suitable for 5G testing
• Hundreds of experiments and growing

Software Defined Radio - SDR-06 Datasheet
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